importance of dutch translations

The Importance of Dutch Translations

Situated in Western Europe is the wondrous and picturesque area of Netherlands. Since it is located closely to the North Sea, the strategic Dutch citizens learned how to build walls, dams, and canals to protect the territory and its people. Interestingly, most of the residents prefer riding their bikes rather than driving their cars. A lot of the tourists are also fascinated by Dutch art and architecture. Moreover, the Netherlands is one of the top producers of tulips in the world with billions of bulbs each year. Besides that, the residents have high regard for the law and public order. The country is home to a multitude of professions and one of those is a fruitful career in translation.


Trade overview of the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a highly industrialized country with an indispensable role in Western Europe’s economy. Due to scarce resources and high costs of production, the Netherlands relies on coal and steel imports for domestic and industrial use. With regard to manufacturing, the Dutch excel in metal, chemical, petroleum, electrical, and food and beverage industries. At present, the government encourages people to invest in microelectronics, digital economy, and biotechnology.

The Netherlands also works closely with the World Trade Organization as well as the International Monetary Fund in support of global free trade. The country is also known for trading products and services with Europe and North America. European Union member countries are constant trading partners as they receive roughly ¾ of Dutch exports and account for ½ of the Netherlands’ imports. As a founding member of the EU, Netherlands also advocated for economic integrations and encouraged the common currency (euro). International companies situated in this country have generated over 350,000 jobs for Dutch workers.

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Trade relationship between the United States and the Netherlands

The United States has economic ties with the Netherlands because of its openness to trade and investment. The Netherlands is also the United States’ eighth largest investor and importer by providing more than 450,000 jobs and importing $50 billion worth of goods. Both countries share values and morals such as justice, liberty, and security. Bilateral agreements paved the way for growth in the areas of horticulture, water management, peace, justice, urban planning, agriculture, and the arts.

According to the 2018 Global Innovation Index, the Netherlands is the second most innovative state in the world – a contributory factor in engaging in international trade. Dutch technologies have improved lives and have saved people a lot of money, energy, and time. Because of its state-of-the-art logistics, the Dutch are able to facilitate and connect consumers and producers all over the world. Additionally, financial operations in the Netherlands have been proven to be secure, simple, and quick. Aside from goods and services, the US and the Netherlands also maintained relations with regard to international security. Both countries are collaborating to promote international peace, trade, counterterrorism, sustainable development, and human rights.

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Why is a translation into Dutch lucrative?

Dutch is spoken by millions of people in the world. In fact, it is one of the top 40 most spoken languages out of all the 7,000 languages. Over 170 universities teach the Dutch language and sometimes, people unconsciously use borrowed Dutch words, such as “boss”, derived from the Dutch word, “baas”. With technological development, the language has proven to have greater influence worldwide. Dutch is also the 12th most used language on websites and applications. Given the country’s outstanding performance in import, export, electronics, medicine, and cuisine, it is not surprising that international and local companies can benefit from its economy.

Localizing content into Dutch by translation can be a source of information, entertainment, and income for non-English speaking nations. Dutch consumers are an appealing target market because people are enlightened to spend more for their wants and needs. A lot of the most successful businesses and organizations have gained their prominence because of the Dutch market. The services of locals translating English into Dutch are tremendously helpful in raising ratings, exposure, and sales.  With the help of translation and localization, Dutch companies can also benefit from international clients. Take a chance in Dutch translation and the change inflicted will be a ripple effect across the globe!


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