English to Dutch & German to Dutch

I have been offering my translation services for 10 years now and I still very much enjoy the communication with my regular customers. They count on me delivering them translations, which will never undermine their corporate or business values, and I am very grateful for their trust. Since 2019 I also provide copywriting and other content services.

My activities are based on various language- and marketing-directed training programs and on 10 years of translation experience. A number of world-class customers, e.g. a well-known American television station, now form part of my group of regular customers. I am mainly invested in the creation of marketing translations and transcreations, but I am also able to provide services for translations in other branches. Throughout my translation career, I have developed extensive experience in the field of fashion, beauty, and video games as well.

As a freelance translator working from home, I can also provide you with very competitive translation rates. No expensive offices nor additional employees who increase the translation costs are involved; instead, I focus on a fair and honest translation product.

In the past decade, I have gained a lot of experience with the following CAT software programs:

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