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If you’ve been enjoying the previous blogs about our CAT tools series, you’re in for a treat today. This blog post will introduce you to a new CAT tool that promises to foster global commerce for the translation industry. This is not only for self-employed translators but it also helps translation companies that aim to localize their services. The company believes in empowering brands through reaching target consumers across the world. Don’t worry if you haven’t found the CAT tool yet, this blog will present you another CAT tool: Smartling.

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What is Smartling?

In 2012, Jack Welde and Andrey Akselrod founded Smartling with a $1.5 million investment from a willing shareholder. The succeeding series of translation programs cost millions of dollars and by the time they released Series D, the value of the company was at an astounding $250 million. Just four years ago, Smartling purchased Verbalizelt – an international translation company – to expand the institution. Shortly after that, Jargon joined the group to localize mobile applications. Indeed, this growing company has no intention of slowing down.

This promising tool has powerful features:

  1. Automate and Integrate: translations are obtained with shorter turnaround time as the data is digitized and accessible. It is capable of automation in platforms like Adobe, Hubspot, and more. It makes the process simpler and more direct.
  2. Content Management and Optimization: this is a feature that can help translators organize their content to gain maximum efficiency. For companies, it enables them to see progress by the second. They can also delegate tasks, reuse translated memory, and even see the costs of projects.
  3. Supercharge Translation: with branding the Smartling can easily reach audience in their own languages. With this kind of localization, companies are able to offer more jobs to linguists. Moreover, with this tool, translators are able to prioritize their tasks effectively. With the visual context in front of them, the translator can provide consistent content to employers and readers.
  4. Quality Analysis and Improvement: in this feature, employers can facilitate the work of translators. Adjustments to the workload and flow can be managed to produce better results.

Since Smartling is cloud-based, companies and translators can participate and cooperate on a global scale. It definitely cuts the costs, reduces time, and saves energy for the stakeholders. Information can easily be restored, submitted, or altered. There are numerous sub-features of Smartling that can certainly increase productivity that are waiting to be explored. According to Anja Jones Translation, the most popular and useful features include the Draft Mode as it gives the user control over what is saved in the translation memory. If the internet connection is unstable, there is no need to worry because translations are automatically saved in browser caches. Additionally, shortcuts are made easier to work with because the user can personalize with the most used shortcuts.

How can I access Smartling?

If you can remember, not all CAT tools are readily available in Mac and/or Windows and even in cellphones. Good news for translators who are on the go, Smartling can be used as a mobile app. Work can be done whenever, and wherever. Furthermore, it can definitely be used on both Mac and Windows computers. With this CAT tool, Microsoft Office files can be easily be converted to translatable files. It serves its purpose of allowing all users, even companies, to view, update, and work as they please.

How much does Smartling cost?

Smartling provides you with three plans to choose from. The choices are tailored according to the following factors: number of words to translate, languages used in the process, and the type of content needed. The first plan is called the Core – it simply seeks and receives translations from the portal. Next is called Growth – it includes more functions such as the Global Delivery Network and Machine Translation Integrations. Lastly, they have the Enterprise – this is for globally involved translators and companies to manage their content channels. They highly encourage consumers to send them an email so that they can help you choose the best plan for your needs. To select a plan for you, you may seek their advice through this link.

Is Smartling worth it?

As you might have realized by now, Smartling is a great option for aspiring translators, companies, and enterprises. According to Butterfly Network, a New York City based health institution, the CAT tool deserves a rating of 10 out of 10. Smartling has helped them through every customer-centered feature of their program. Freelance translators also said that Smartling has helped them produce top quality outputs and offered them more opportunities. Indeed, users have attested that Smartling is a powerful CAT tool that localizes functions, information, and services.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the information about CAT software provided above by the Dutch Translation Agency is for information dissemination purposes only. Our agency is not, in any way, affiliated with the provider of this software. This blog’s sole purpose is to shed light on the different CAT tools available for consumers across the world.


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